DRX Creative Community by [1] Mon, Apr 9, 2012

Dream -> Reach -> Exchange Creative Community


DRX is a local interdisciplinary creative community that provides intellectual stimulation and creative energy to help you reach your dreams.

Apply and see if there is one in your area. If you are interested in starting a new location contact @drx_cc.

Here is how it works.  Get excited about a creative idea (Dream), present your idea to your local community (Exchange),  work on it for a month (Reach), then get back together and share what you have done (Exchange).  Then, do it all over again.  In a year you will be happy.  You will have stimulated your mind, accomplished projects, shared ideas, and met people.

Dream -> Exchange -> Realize -> Exchange

Do you have creative ideas that you never get around to try? Do you wish you just had the time learn something new in order to do something? Does exchange of a new idea thrill, excite and fuel you? Do you feel like months go by without opportunity to connect, express, and share ideas with other people. If you have the excited churning feeling as you read these questions then this may be for you.

The people who enjoy this sort of thing long for some creative intellectually stimulating outlet where they get to share with others.

Spouses and close friends are heavily encouraged to join the group together. You can help each other out to have your own DRX time. We want foster relationships.


Ideas long to be expressed and happiest when realized. The community provides a context for expression and realization. Creative energy flows as your idea tries to explain and present itself to the group. Accountability happens naturally as you are excited to share how the idea took shape. Knowing others are interested in what you will do in a month, you will enjoy that others are with you and you will have someone to share it with.

The ideas are based on a few longings:

  • Ideas long for expression
  • People long for connection
  • Brains long for stimulation
  • Creatures long for creativity

Do something for 30days and you can achieve...

ted video

During the sharing portion you give

  • Background
  • Why it is important
  • Show what you did
  • What you will show next time, specific goals

The relative topics are wide open, however the topics should be

  • Creative, the DRX community should feel spurred
  • Unique, will the DRX community learn something when you come back next time?

A few examples are

Create an iPhone application:What skill did you learn to accomplish this task?
Write a book:Why does it excite you? What makes it unique?
Create a painting:What will it take? Why that style?
Memorize a poem:Give reasons for the poem. Where does it fit in history? Why it is special to you?
Write an op-ed for a newspaper: What steps are required to complete it?

All for it, I can’t wait, let me know when it starts

Scott McCallen (Data Miner)

This is such a great way to build relationships with people, great idea.

Daniel Angelis (of Gong Show fame)

I have always wanted something like this.

Aaron J. Radke (Life’s End)

...want to be there

Brian Krall (Mechanical Engineer)

Love it! I hope my husband is O.K. if I write a Romance novel

Shelah Beth (Model)

I am skeptical, the premise sounds like we do not prioritize our hobbies enough...

Rich Timmer (Computer Vision Specialist)

Waaaaaaaaaaa ...

Sebastian R. (World Explorer)