package drx

Scala doc for the drx conglomerate.


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Type Members

  1. final case class Angle(rad: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Angle] with Product with Serializable
  2. trait Applicable[A, B] extends AnyRef
  3. case class Arc(c: Vec, a: Vec, b: Vec) extends Product with Serializable
  4. case class Archive(f: File)(implicit lib: ArchiveLib) extends Product with Serializable
  5. type ArrayBuffer[A] = scala.collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer[A]
  6. class Arrow extends Line
  7. class Axes[A, B] extends Scale[(A, B), Vec] with Closed

    primary means of construction is through rect.axes(xDomain,yDomain)

  8. sealed trait BTree[+A] extends Tree[A, BTree[A]]
  9. trait BaseValue[A] extends Ordered[A]
  10. trait BaseValueBuilder[A] extends AnyRef

    typeclass for generic building/(and extracting) basevalues for unit types (essentially a generic way to wrap doubles)

  11. case class Bezier(a: Vec, ca: Vec, cb: Vec, b: Vec) extends Segment with Open with Product with Serializable
  12. case class BezierVertex(ca: Vec, cb: Vec, b: Vec) extends Vertex with Product with Serializable
  13. type BitSet = scala.collection.immutable.BitSet
  14. type Blob = Array[Byte]
  15. class Bloom extends AnyRef
  16. class Boot extends AppMain
  17. class BootConsole extends AppMain

    Boot console to loop and load the boot keys onces, and TODO provide key completion and path executible complesion and lookup (system independent)

  18. class BootFork extends AppMain
  19. class BootInfo extends AppMain
  20. class BootKeys extends AnyRef
  21. class Bound[A] extends LerpInv[A]
  22. trait BoundableBaseValue[A <: BaseValue[A]] extends Boundable[A]
  23. final case class Bytes(byteCount: Long) extends AnyVal with Ordered[Bytes] with Product with Serializable
  24. abstract class Cache[K, V] extends AnyRef

    this is essentially a mutable Map with a default generated value but hides many other methods that could get messy

  25. case class Circ(c: Vec, r: Double) extends Containable with Closed with Product with Serializable
  26. class Classpath extends AnyRef
  27. final class Color extends AnyVal
  28. trait Colorizer[A, B] extends AnyRef
  29. case class Complex(r: Double, i: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  30. abstract class Containable extends AnyRef
  31. final case class Date(date: java.util.Date) extends AnyVal with Ordered[Date] with Product with Serializable
  32. final case class Date2(ms: Long) extends AnyVal with Ordered[Date2] with Product with Serializable
  33. case class DateCivil(y: Int, m: Int, d: Int) extends Product with Serializable

    year from Christ:0, month:[1,12], day:[1,31]

  34. case class DateTime24(hour: Int, min: Int, sec: Int, ms: Int) extends Product with Serializable
  35. class DeepFileEntry extends FileEntry
  36. case class DirEntry(file: File, date: Date) extends PathEntry with Product with Serializable
  37. case class Display(loc: Vec, size: Vec) extends Product with Serializable
  38. final class Distinct extends AnyVal
  39. abstract class DrawContext extends AnyRef
  40. class DrawContextFX extends DrawContext
  41. final class DrxAny[A] extends AnyVal
  42. final class DrxArray[A] extends AnyVal

    Array are indexSeq but are special in scala for java opt and need re-implementation???

  43. class DrxArrayArrayByte extends AnyRef

    both of these classes are required since Array is not directly type checked as a Traversable

  44. class DrxArrayByte extends AnyRef
  45. class DrxArrayDouble extends AnyRef
  46. class DrxArrayInt extends AnyRef
  47. class DrxArrayLong extends AnyRef
  48. final class DrxBoolean extends AnyVal
  49. final class DrxByte extends AnyVal
  50. final class DrxChar extends AnyVal
  51. final class DrxDouble extends AnyVal
  52. final class DrxFloat extends AnyVal
  53. final class DrxFrame extends AnyVal
  54. final class DrxFuture[A] extends AnyVal
  55. final class DrxIndexedSeq[A] extends AnyVal

    IndexedSeq are indexable

  56. final class DrxInt extends AnyVal
  57. final class DrxIterable[A] extends AnyVal

    iterables have zip, slidding

  58. final class DrxLong extends AnyVal
  59. final class DrxMap[A, B] extends AnyVal
  60. final class DrxOption[A] extends AnyVal
  61. class DrxOptionApplyIf[A] extends (A) ⇒ A

    used in conjuntion with DrxAny |> to support optional application helpful to reduce the if(p) f(a) else a common pattern

  62. final class DrxRegex extends AnyVal
  63. final class DrxSeq[A] extends AnyVal

    Seq have sort, reverse

  64. final class DrxSet[A] extends AnyVal
  65. final class DrxShort extends AnyVal
  66. final class DrxString extends AnyVal
  67. final class DrxTraversable[A] extends AnyVal
  68. class DrxTraversableArrayByte extends AnyRef
  69. final class DrxTraversableOnce[A] extends AnyVal
  70. final class DrxTry[A] extends AnyVal
  71. final class DrxTuple2[A, B] extends AnyVal
  72. final class DrxTuple3[A, B, C] extends AnyVal
  73. type EC = scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  74. final class Ecef extends AnyVal
  75. case class Ellipse(c: Vec, r: Vec, rotation: Angle = Angle(0)) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  76. final class Eps extends AnyVal
  77. type ExecutionContext = scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext
    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  78. case class Exponential(b: Double, a: Double, k: Double, t: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  79. class FFT extends Iterable[Bin]
  80. type Failure[A] = scala.util.Failure[A]
  81. final class File extends AnyVal
  82. trait FileConverter[A <: FileKind, B <: FileKind] extends AnyRef
    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  83. trait FileConverters extends AnyRef
  84. class FileEntry extends PathEntry
  85. trait FileKind extends AnyRef
  86. abstract class Filter extends AnyRef
  87. abstract class FilterDiscrete[A] extends Filter
  88. case class FirstOrderStep(a: Double, w: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  89. trait Fitter[T] extends AnyRef
  90. trait Forest[+T] extends Any

    Generic container of a list of types for now this can be a tree which has children a root that only has children

  91. trait Format[-A] extends AnyRef
  92. trait FormatGeneric extends AnyRef
  93. final case class Frequency(hz: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Frequency] with Product with Serializable
  94. type Future[A] = scala.concurrent.Future[A]
  95. case class Fuzzy(pat: String) extends Product with Serializable
  96. class Git extends AnyRef
  97. class Glob extends AnyRef

    Glob version of a regex where * zero or more char and ? is any single character see

  98. class Graph[V, E] extends AnyRef
  99. trait Grid[A] extends Iterable[A]

    a generic discrete Grid container or 2d Matrix of m rows by n cols

  100. class GridArray[A] extends Grid[A]

    a Grid or Matrix of m rows by n cols stored in an Array

  101. class Hist[A] extends AnyRef

    histogram counter

  102. class HistBuilder[A] extends Iterable[A]
  103. case class Html(file: File, box: Rect = Img.defaultBox, scale: Double = 1d) extends Img with Product with Serializable
  104. trait IOGenerator[I, O] extends AnyRef
  105. trait Img extends Shape
  106. case class ImgFX(img: Image, box: Rect = Rect(100,100)) extends Img with Product with Serializable
  107. case class ImgFile(file: File, box: Rect) extends Img with Product with Serializable
  108. class Input extends AnyRef
  109. case class JailBreak[A](obj: A, klass: Class[_]) extends Product with Serializable

    Simple scala type inferencing wrapper around the java reflection api to break into protected fields

  110. class Keyboard extends AnyRef
  111. case class Krypton(daysSinceEpoch: Int, kryptonMsIntoDay: Long) extends Ordered[Krypton] with Product with Serializable
  112. class Kson extends Cached
  113. class KsonLine extends Iterable[(String, String)] with StringMap
  114. trait LCG extends AnyRef
  115. trait LSFR[A] extends AnyRef
  116. class LSFR32 extends LSFR[Int]
  117. class LSFR64 extends LSFR[Long]

    the capability of a 64bit LSFR is here but most indexes on the JVM are 32bit

  118. final case class Length(m: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Length] with Product with Serializable
  119. trait Lerp[A] extends AnyRef

    Lerp generalizes any Segment, Bound, Scale that can be linear interpolated

  120. trait LerpInv[A] extends Lerp[A]

    LerpInv includes the ability to convert/lookup a specific type A value for a interpolation ratio with ratioOf

  121. class Line extends Segment with Lerp[Vec] with Open
  122. class Loc extends AnyRef
  123. trait LogLevel extends AnyRef
  124. case class Logistic(k: Double, m: Double, b: Double, q: Double, a: Double, n: Double) extends Product with Serializable
  125. sealed trait MTree[+A] extends Tree[A, MTree[A]]
  126. class MacroImp extends AnyRef
  127. trait MacroParsable[A] extends AnyRef
  128. class Marsaglia32 extends AnyRef
  129. final case class Mass(kg: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Mass] with Product with Serializable
  130. case class Measure(value: Double, unit: String) extends Product with Serializable
  131. trait MediaRemote extends AnyRef
  132. final class Ned extends AnyVal
  133. trait NodeFX extends AnyRef
  134. trait Opposite[A, B] extends AnyRef
  135. class Output extends AnyRef
  136. trait Parsable[+A] extends AnyRef
  137. trait ParsableLowPriorityImplicits extends AnyRef
  138. case class Path(vertices: Iterable[Vertex], isClosed: Boolean = false) extends Segment with Open with Product with Serializable

    Path collection of vertex drawing points

  139. sealed trait PathEntry extends AnyRef
  140. trait Phonetic extends AnyRef
  141. trait Pluck[A, B] extends AnyRef
  142. case class Poly(vertices: Seq[Vec]) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  143. case class Polynomial(coeff: Array[Double]) extends Product with Serializable
  144. case class Polys(polys: Seq[Poly] = Seq()) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  145. case class Rand(seed: Long = scala.util.Random.nextLong) extends Product with Serializable
  146. case class Rand48(x0: Long) extends LCG with Product with Serializable
  147. case class Ratio(n: Long, d: Long = 1) extends Ordered[Ratio] with Product with Serializable
  148. case class Rect(a: Vec, b: Vec) extends Containable with Closed with Product with Serializable
  149. type Regex = scala.util.matching.Regex
  150. class Runner extends sbt.testing.Runner
  151. trait Scale[A, B] extends ScaleOneWay[A, B]

    The most common Scale is invertible (a two way function)

  152. trait ScaleOneWay[A, B] extends AnyRef

    fundamental generic Scale ops

  153. type ScheduledContext = ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor
    @implicitNotFound( ... )
  154. trait Segment extends Lerp[Vec]
  155. trait Shape extends AnyRef
  156. class Shell extends AnyRef
  157. class SketchApp extends AnyRef
  158. trait Sound extends AnyRef

    Generic sound src

  159. case class Star(c: Vec, r: Bound[Double], n: Int = 5, innerAngle: Angle = Angle(0), outerAngleOffset: Angle = Angle(0)) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  160. case class Stat(count: Long = 0L, mean: Double = Double.NaN, M2: Double = Double.NaN, min: Double = Double.NaN, max: Double = Double.NaN, last: Double = Double.NaN) extends Product with Serializable
  161. trait StatBaseValue[A] extends StatTrait[A]
  162. class StatBuilder extends StatTrait[Double]

    a mutable stat collector to provide memory efficient collections without intermediate classes to support iterators, and traversables, and custom values

  163. class StatBuilderBaseValue[A] extends StatBaseValue[A]
  164. class StatRate extends StatBaseValue[Time]
  165. case class StatSet[A](items: Map[A, Int] = Map[A,Int]()) extends Product with Serializable
  166. trait StatTrait[A] extends AnyRef
  167. class StatVec extends AnyRef
  168. case class State(pos: Vec =, vel: Vec =, acc: Vec =, time: Double = 0.0) extends Product with Serializable
  169. trait StreamGenerator extends IOGenerator[Input, Output]
  170. trait StringMap extends AnyRef
  171. trait StringMapParser[T] extends AnyRef

    type class that is auto code generated at compile time for a type T

  172. case class Style(properties: Set[Property] = Set()) extends Traversable[Property] with Product with Serializable

    A style is a set of style properties

  173. type Success[A] = scala.util.Success[A]
  174. case class Svg(xml: String, box: Rect = Img.defaultBox) extends Product with Serializable
  175. case class SvgPath(d: String) extends Product with Serializable
  176. case class Sync(transform: (File) ⇒ Action, progress: (Summary) ⇒ Unit) extends Product with Serializable

    Simple file sync with generic transformation definition

  177. sealed trait TTree[+A] extends Tree[Forest[MTree[A]], TTree[A]]
  178. class Task extends sbt.testing.Task
  179. abstract class Test extends AnyRef

    test marker class

  180. class TestFramework extends Framework
  181. case class Text(value: String, pos: Vec) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  182. trait Tickable[A] extends AnyRef
  183. class Ticks extends Traversable[Double]
  184. final case class Time(s: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Time] with Product with Serializable
  185. class Todo extends AnyRef
  186. trait Tree[+A, +B] extends Forest[B]

    homogeneous value type tree with index optimized children

  187. case class Tri(a: Vec, b: Vec, c: Vec) extends Closed with Product with Serializable
  188. type TrieMap[A, B] = Map[A, B]
  189. type Try[A] = scala.util.Try[A]
  190. final class U12 extends AnyVal with Unsigned
  191. final class U16 extends AnyVal with Unsigned

    Short wrapper

  192. final class U24 extends AnyVal with Unsigned
  193. final class U32 extends AnyVal with Unsigned

    Int wrapper

  194. final class U4 extends AnyVal with Unsigned

    Nibble wrapper

  195. final class U64 extends AnyVal with Unsigned

    Long wrapper

  196. final class U8 extends AnyVal with Unsigned

    Byte wrapper

  197. final class URL extends AnyVal

    TODO similar wrapper kind as File should generate Input and Output

  198. trait Units extends AnyRef
  199. trait Unsigned extends Any
  200. trait UnsignedObject extends AnyRef
  201. case class Utm(zone: Int, hemisphere: Hemisphere, e: Length, n: Length, alt: Length = Length(0)) extends Product with Serializable
  202. case class Vec(x: Double, y: Double, z: Double) extends Vertex with Product with Serializable

    a 2d or 3d point in space

  203. final case class Velocity(base: Double) extends AnyVal with BaseValue[Velocity] with Product with Serializable
  204. final case class Version(name: String) extends AnyVal with Ordered[Version] with Product with Serializable

    Version represents a string name that may look like a version, its main feature provides a nice human sorting rather than full string bases sorting

  205. trait Vertex extends AnyRef

    Vertex append to points to make segments(paths in much drawing context lanuage) Vertex context-api ------------ --------- PathStart moveTo Vec lineTo BezierVertex bezierCurveTo PathClose close (closed area type closed)) PathEnd end (line type)

  206. case class Video(file: File, box: Rect = Img.defaultBox) extends Img with Product with Serializable
  207. class VideoFX extends MediaRemote with NodeFX
  208. case class WebFX(file: File) extends NodeFX with Product with Serializable
  209. type tailrec = scala.annotation.tailrec
  210. class Conf extends AnyRef

    (Since version 0.2.13) this has been replaced with cc.drx.Kson unless you really want typesafe.config use it directly

  211. type Frac = Ratio

    (Since version v0.2.15) use the renamed Ratio closer to Rational and is a real word

Value Members

  1. val ArrayBuffer: scala.collection.mutable.ArrayBuffer.type
  2. val BitSet: scala.collection.immutable.BitSet.type
  3. val Black: Color
  4. val Blue: Color
  5. val Brown: Color
  6. val Charcoal: Color
  7. val Cyan: Color
  8. implicit final def DrxBoundOps[A](a: A): BoundOps[A]
  9. implicit final def DrxFileStringContext(sc: StringContext): FileStringContext
  10. implicit def DrxFileToJavaFile(file: File):
  11. implicit final def DrxFormatStringContext(sc: StringContext): FormatStringContext
  12. implicit final def DrxGlobStringContext(sc: StringContext): GlobStringContext
  13. implicit final def DrxParseStringContext(sc: StringContext): ParseStringContext
  14. implicit final def DrxProcessBuilder(p: ProcessBuilder): DrxProcessBuilder
  15. implicit final def DrxU16(p: Short): U16
  16. implicit def DrxU16ToInt(u: U16): Int
  17. implicit def DrxU16ToLong(u: U16): Long
  18. implicit final def DrxU32(p: Int): U32
  19. implicit def DrxU32ToLong(u: U32): Long
  20. implicit def DrxU4ToByte(u: U4): Byte
  21. implicit def DrxU4ToInt(u: U4): Int
  22. implicit def DrxU4ToLong(u: U4): Long
  23. implicit def DrxU4ToShort(u: U4): Short
  24. implicit final def DrxU64(p: Long): U64
  25. implicit final def DrxU8(p: Byte): U8
  26. implicit def DrxU8ToInt(u: U8): Int
  27. implicit def DrxU8ToLong(u: U8): Long
  28. implicit def DrxU8ToShort(u: U8): Short
  29. implicit final def DrxURLStringContext(sc: StringContext): URLStringContext
  30. implicit def DrxURLToJava(url: URL):
  31. val E: Double
  32. val ExecutionContext: scala.concurrent.ExecutionContext.type
  33. val Failure: scala.util.Failure.type
  34. val Future: scala.concurrent.Future.type
  35. val Green: Color
  36. val Grey: Color
  37. val Magenta: Color
  38. val Orange: Color
  39. val Pi: Double
  40. val Pink: Color
  41. val Purple: Color
  42. val Red: Color
  43. val Regex: scala.util.matching.Regex.type
  44. val Success: scala.util.Success.type
  45. val Tau: Double
  46. val Transparent: Color
  47. val TrieMap: Map.type
  48. val Try: scala.util.Try.type
  49. val White: Color
  50. val Yellow: Color
  51. val deg2rad: Double
  52. val pi: Double
  53. val rad2deg: Double
  54. implicit final def richDrxAny[A](v: A): DrxAny[A]
  55. implicit final def richDrxArray[A](v: Array[A]): DrxArray[A]
  56. implicit final def richDrxArrayArrayByte(v: Array[Array[Byte]]): DrxArrayArrayByte
  57. implicit final def richDrxArrayByte(v: Array[Byte]): DrxArrayByte
  58. implicit final def richDrxArrayDouble(v: Array[Double]): DrxArrayDouble
  59. implicit final def richDrxArrayInt(v: Array[Int]): DrxArrayInt
  60. implicit final def richDrxArrayLong(v: Array[Long]): DrxArrayLong
  61. implicit final def richDrxBoolean(v: Boolean): DrxBoolean
  62. implicit final def richDrxByte(v: Byte): DrxByte
  63. implicit final def richDrxChar(v: Char): DrxChar
  64. implicit final def richDrxDouble(v: Double): DrxDouble
  65. implicit final def richDrxFloat(v: Float): DrxFloat
  66. implicit final def richDrxFrame(v: Frame): DrxFrame
  67. implicit final def richDrxFuture[A](v: scala.concurrent.Future[A]): DrxFuture[A]
  68. implicit final def richDrxIndexedSeq[A](v: IndexedSeq[A]): DrxIndexedSeq[A]
  69. implicit final def richDrxInt(v: Int): DrxInt
  70. implicit final def richDrxIterable[A](v: Iterable[A]): DrxIterable[A]
  71. implicit final def richDrxLong(v: Long): DrxLong
  72. implicit final def richDrxMap[A, B](v: Map[A, B]): DrxMap[A, B]
  73. implicit final def richDrxOption[A](v: Option[A]): DrxOption[A]
  74. implicit final def richDrxOptionApplyIf[A](v: Option[(A) ⇒ A]): DrxOptionApplyIf[A]
  75. implicit final def richDrxRegex(v: scala.util.matching.Regex): DrxRegex
  76. implicit final def richDrxSeq[A](v: Seq[A]): DrxSeq[A]
  77. implicit final def richDrxSet[A](v: Set[A]): DrxSet[A]
  78. implicit final def richDrxShort(v: Short): DrxShort
  79. implicit final def richDrxString(v: String): DrxString
  80. implicit final def richDrxTraversabelArrayByte(v: Traversable[Array[Byte]]): DrxTraversableArrayByte
  81. implicit final def richDrxTraversable[A](v: Traversable[A]): DrxTraversable[A]
  82. implicit final def richDrxTraversableOnce[A](v: TraversableOnce[A]): DrxTraversableOnce[A]
  83. implicit final def richDrxTry[A](v: scala.util.Try[A]): DrxTry[A]
  84. implicit final def richDrxTuple2[A, B](v: (A, B)): DrxTuple2[A, B]
  85. implicit final def richDrxTuple3[A, B, C](v: (A, B, C)): DrxTuple3[A, B, C]
  86. val tau: Double
  87. val π: Double
  88. val τ: Double
  89. object Alg
  90. object Angle extends Units with Serializable
  91. object Ansi

    Ansi escape help note: on windows use org.fusesource.jansi.AnsiConsole.systemInstall() before calling any console.println functions

  92. object Arc extends Serializable
  93. object Archive extends Serializable
  94. object Arrow
  95. object BTree
  96. object Base64
  97. object Bezier extends Serializable
  98. object Bloom
  99. object Boot
  100. object BootKeys
  101. object BootSbt
  102. object Bound
  103. object BytePacker

    very simple linear serialization simply prepending a byte blob by it's size

  104. object Bytes extends Serializable
  105. object Cache

    a plain constructor for cache types

  106. object Circ extends Serializable
  107. object Classpath
  108. object Clipboard
  109. object Color

    A general color class and constructor

  110. object Colorizer
  111. object Complex extends Serializable
  112. object Compress
  113. object Conf
  114. object Contour
  115. object Convey
  116. object Data
  117. object Date extends Serializable
  118. object Date2 extends Serializable
  119. object DateCivil extends Serializable
  120. object DateTime24 extends Serializable

    Time of day in hour:min:sec

  121. object Deps
  122. object Display extends Serializable
  123. object Distinct
  124. object DrawContextFX
  125. object DrawContextFXApp
  126. object DrxBootPlugin extends AutoPlugin
  127. object DrxDouble
  128. object DrxFloat
  129. object DrxFuture
  130. object DrxInt
  131. object DrxList
  132. object DrxLong
  133. object DrxTraversable
  134. object Ecef
  135. object Ellipse extends Serializable
  136. object Eps
  137. object Exception
  138. object Experimental
  139. object FFT
  140. object File
  141. object FileConverter
  142. object FileConverters
  143. object FileEntry
  144. object FileKind
  145. object Filter
  146. object Forest
  147. object Format extends FormatGeneric
  148. object Frequency extends Units with Serializable
  149. object Fuzzy extends Serializable
  150. object Gaussian

    Gaussian distribution $ τ-k/2 |Σ|-1/2 e{ -1/2 (x-μ)' Σ-1^ (x-u) } $

  151. object Git
  152. object Glob
  153. object Graph
  154. object Grid
  155. object Hist
  156. object Img
  157. object ImgFX extends Serializable
  158. object Implicit

    this global is used to provide commonly used but hard to remember values at different levels

  159. object Input
  160. object Integrator
  161. object JailBreak extends Serializable
  162. object Jansi
  163. object Java

    nice scala based function constructors and flat names to remove import requirements

  164. object KeepTrying
  165. object Keyboard
  166. object Krypton extends Serializable

    The planet of kyrpton provides concise specific date tagging and linear versioning

  167. object Kson

    Keyed simple object notation is a much simpler and more readable key value notation without needing quotes or commas, and intended for a single line

    Keyed simple object notation is a much simpler and more readable key value notation without needing quotes or commas, and intended for a single line

    Kson (Key Separated Object Notation) is a simple format used for many of the configuration formats. The 'key' idea is to remain simple like CSV (Comma Separated Values). However, instead of using commas, use "<key>:" as the separation delimiter. Then instead of receiving a list of strings for a line of CSV you receive back key value pairs for a line of Kson. This provides for a flexible configuration and clean data encoding framework.

    Where CSV returns an table of values, Kson can return a list of key value pairs per line or can squash all the key values together for a single key value lookup.

    For example "person first:Aaron last:Radke language:scala desc:Use simple keys //with some comments" gets parsed to Map('/ -> "person", 'first -> "Aaron", 'last -> "Radke", 'language -> "scala", 'quote -> "Use simple keys")

  168. object KsonLine
  169. object LSFR

    linear feedback shift register is a pretty sweet non-repeating random number generator

  170. object Length extends Units with Serializable
  171. object Lerp

    static helper methods for Lerp use

  172. object Line
  173. object Loader

    simple Scala like wrapper for java.lang.ClassLoader features

  174. object Loc
  175. object Log
  176. object LogLevel

    a selection of implicit log levels, these can be used with import LogLevel.Debug to set a scoped debug level

  177. object Logistic extends Serializable
  178. object MTree
  179. object Macro
  180. object MacroParsable
  181. object Marsaglia32
  182. object Mass extends Units with Serializable
  183. object Math
  184. object Matrix
  185. object Measure extends Serializable
  186. object Ned
  187. object OS
  188. object Opposite
  189. object Output
  190. object Parsable extends ParsableLowPriorityImplicits
  191. object Parse
  192. object Path extends Serializable
  193. object PathEntry
  194. object Phonetic
  195. object Pluck
  196. object Poly extends Serializable
  197. object Polynomial extends Serializable
  198. object Prop

    Prop: This top level class offers a quick lookup mechanism based off of Kson.watched files and scoped string map lookups as follows: ex: Prop.of(File.home/".kson")/"email" | "default email" WARNING: mutable singleton properties lie within here.

  199. object Rand extends Serializable
  200. object Ratio extends Serializable

  201. object Rect extends Serializable
  202. object Repeat
  203. object Repo

    (Repo) can find (Org -> Project -> Release -> Artifact) Repo have two major input types: 1) user reference using org/project/release 2) dir listing of an artifact path (whose parents or filename can determine the org/project/release

  204. object Scale
  205. object Shape
  206. object Shell
  207. object Sound
  208. object Soundex extends Phonetic
  209. object Star extends Serializable
  210. object Stat extends Serializable
  211. object StatVec
  212. object StreamGenerator
  213. object StringMap
  214. object StringMapParser
  215. object Style extends Serializable
  216. object Sync extends Serializable

    Rsync is not available on windows and does not provide a generic transformation and skip api

  217. object TTree
  218. object Text extends Serializable
  219. object Tickable
  220. object Time extends Units with Serializable
  221. object Timer
  222. object Todo
  223. object Tri extends Serializable
  224. object U12
  225. object U16
  226. object U24
  227. object U32

    Int constructor

  228. object U4 extends UnsignedObject
  229. object U64

    Long constructor

  230. object U8
  231. object URL
  232. object Utm extends Serializable

  233. object Vec extends Serializable

    Constructors to easily create Vec (a 2d or 3d point in space)

  234. object Velocity extends Units with Serializable
  235. object Version extends Applicable[String, Version] with Serializable

Deprecated Value Members

  1. val Frac: Ratio.type

    (Since version v0.2.15) use the renamed Ratio closer to Rational and is a real word

  2. object IO

    (Since version dhu) use Output or Input or StreamGenerator instead

  3. object Implicits

    (Since version v0.2.13) use import cc.drx._ instead of import cc.drx.Implicits._

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